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Selfish pleasures

Sex Toys

Adult Toys and Vibes to enhance your Self Care

Explore our ever growing exquisite array of sex toys designed to ignite passion and pleasure.

Our sex toys are a curated collection that features everything from discreet vibrators to luxurious couples' accessories.

All our sex toys come with discreet packaging and secure delivery, discover the perfect companion for your intimate adventures. Elevate your Selfish Pleasures today

Our fast growing sex toy collection has started with ILO and VOILA' both are a global best selling design reimagined to deliver the best bang for your buck. Individually ILO and VOILA' are the perfect addition to your sex toy collection. Stay Tuned for more toys coming soon.

“Absolutely unparalleled adult products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans